A Vote for 729 Forint?

The infamous regulated price for chicken carcasses and a few other food items saves the average citizen 243 Forint (0.68 €) monthly Policy Agenda calculated ►HU. The decree is valid for 3 months, until the election month. I am afraid the administration costs for the groceries will be way higher than the loss of profit. […]

How Elections Work

“Nobody said it would be easy” one could quote Péter Márki-Zay ►HU, who announced to cancel his appearances because he has been tested positively on the corona virus. He said that he is lucky having only very light symptoms and he thanks that to his 3 doses of vaccine. Yesterday’s post caused reactions on the […]

Another Bad Day for Orbán in the European Parliament

Yesterday Orbán had another bad day in the European Parliament (EP). His FIDESZ was still part of the European Peoples Party (EPP) when the last elections took place and Orbán dreamt about a united far right block. We all know that the forecasts of the far right taking over the EP just didn’t happen. These […]

FIDESZ “Quality Management”

It is time to return to the case around the former state secretary in the ministry of justice Pál Völner I wrote about, who accepted bribes from the bar of bailiffs. This is a very lucrative business and Orbán has remodelled the complete structure of the foreclosure agencies. Today a law exam is needed for […]

Calls in Election Times

Updated. Yesterday Péter Márki-Zay called Orbán to discuss with him in a PM candidate debate. He stated ►HU: “The people, be they pro-government voters or opponents, deserve to be able to listen to who wants to be Hungary’s prime minister for the next four years, so I invite Viktor Orbán to a debate. Let’s stand […]

Kings and Saints

Our incomparable minister of human resources Miklós Kásler has not only proven that he is hardly interested in doing his job, but is again following his hobby: The falsification of Hungarian history. Éva covered this hobby several times already and again Kásler did everything to get into the news with this topic. In the beginning […]

Orbán’s Newest Hate Attack

Orbán in his radio speech this Friday again launched a hate attack against non-heterosexual Hungarians and telling the same moment that he had fought against communists for gay rights ►HU! Besides the fact that there can’t be found any information Orbán ever cared for homosexuals except hiding them – as he did with FIDESZ co-founder […]

Orbán, Tokajev, and Our Future

We all have noticed the situation in Kazahsztan, so I won’t go into the details of the demonstrations, the shooting order of president Tokajev, or the Russian invasion. Instead I would like to have a look how the reactions within the EU and especially Hungary are and what others said about the official Hungarian position. […]

Orbán Goes Forward to the Past

Updated post. After freezing the retail petrol prices to 480 Ft / l and the mortgages to the level of last October Orbán announced yesterday on his facebook account when arriving from a cabinet seating that he has taken an important step to stop inflation of food prices. He named exactly 6 products that will […]

Open Letter of a Teacher

A starting teacher wrote this letter to Orbán, which gives an unpleasant picture of the profession in Hungary in the year 2022. There is no further need to comment for me. Mr Prime Minister! I know your mother was once a teacher. That’s why I’m writing to you these lines to see if you read […]