Vote out the Sick World of the Szájers, Borkais, Kaletas

Called Péter Márki-Zay yesterday afternoon. I for my part miss the boss, the creator, and the high priest of that sick world: Viktor Orbán. It is the time of the year in Hungary the évértékelő is held, the evaluation of the year, which is here not limited to the head of government or state like […]

A Political Verdict?

As we all might have heard the unavoidable happened, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) dismissed Orbán’s trial against the rule of law conditionality, the same happened with the Polish trial, which was invoked separately. The rule of law was since many years a concern of the EU. So the idea grew that only countries […]

The End of Free Transylvanian Press

Today I would like to start with a quote of Éva: An editorial in Transindex made fun of the description of Tusnádfürdő as the “center of the universe,” as a banner behind the speakers proudly announced. Moreover, it seems that God also had something to do with Tusnádfürdő: Zsolt Semjén attributed to divine will the […]

Divide et Impera or Orbán the Dog Lover

We should not delude ourselves, our only choice in April will be whether Hungary will go further down the same old road or if we want a way out. It is not the choice as the French will have in April as well electing their president among a huge group to be filtered down and […]

Is Péter Márki-Zay prepared for governance?

I covered the very 1st Partizán 60′ interview with Ákos Hadházy, yesterday evening Péter Márki-Zay was the guest of Márton Gulyás. The interview was titled: Is Péter Márki-Zay prepared for governance? ►HU With the fact that Unity for Hungary of course is talking since 6 weeks about different key parts of the program, but we […]

If I can’t rob them I’ll leave the EU

Already last year Orbán ordered from his media empire to test out the public reaction on the suggestions to leave EU. His most important “political commentator” took the case seriously, as Éva reported in detail ►EN. The reaction from the population was pretty negative, so Orbán decided not to talk further about. Next Wednesday the […]

The State vs. The Opposition

The campaign started. Officially, it is 50 days before the end of the elections. Today is the day candidates and parties may start to collect signatures for running. This would be only a technical date, but since today parties also may campaign. What did we see during the last weeks and months? Interviews, press conferences, […]

Minister of Defence Szijjártó?

No, the minister has not spoken about the wish to change portfolio, but he extended his wisdom to answer military questions. Euronews interviewed him ►EN and Szijjártó stated concerning the deployment of additional NATO troops in several European countries along the Eastern borders of NATO: “No, we have not agreed to that and we will […]


Since yesterday late in the afternoon I have experienced strange things on Since the server remained up all the time according to the host provider I suspected an attack onto the website itself and I have removed all Word Press content together with the relevant directory. When I tried to look up yesterday’s logfiles […]

NERconomy and Ways Out

NER is the system Orbán has created to subjugate the country, Nemzeti Együttműködés Rendszere (System of National Co-operation.) This co-operation is intended to penetrate the entire state and society for the benefit of the entire nation. The definition of benefit of the entire nation is: What is useful for the leader of the nation is […]