Hungarian Tax Office as Subordinate of the State Party

Yesterday quite a lot of Hungarian taxpayers, probably 1.4 million, found an official letter in their letterbox. All sent officially by the NAV, the national tax authority of Hungary. In the envelope there was no tax notice, reminder, not even a tax refund decision. It was a letter from the prime minister, who could as […]

Fighting for Pensioners?

With all propaganda means the Orbán regime tries to convince us that FIDESZ and only FIDESZ would be caring about retired Hungarians. I even got an email from the Corona Information Centre how great the government is because of restoring the 13th pension, and announced the payment. Spreading propaganda easily – and also to those […]

RTL Klub

This week – again – RTL was punished by the media council, the FIDESZ-only staffed media watchdog. This time, because RTL aired “social advertising” about raising children. In “family friendly Hungary,” this you are already greeted with when arriving at Budapest airport ►picture, this is forbidden. Because it was about children whose parents happened to […]

Hungary is NO Democracy

OSCE, the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe, always employs observers to elections in its territory through its Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights ODIHR. OSCE was born during the cold war and is the 1st institution that connected all Europe and did not end at the iron curtain. In democratic countries the […]

The Most Christian Protector of National Minorities and Friends

Today I want to discuss a strange friendship the Orbán regime maintains with another dictatorial regime. Pretty much unnoticed from the press Péter Szijjártó visited Azerbaijan. That the minister of foreign affairs and foreign trade visits foreign countries is part of the job, but the announcements were remarkable. To understand this let’s have a short […]

Arrogance of Power

The regime and its accomplices in the media are state funded and have almost unlimited funds to indoctrinate the people. Only public TV got an enlargement of budget of 12 and 24 billion the last 2 years. Public is a great title, in fact it is a spokes organ of the government only, infamous for […]

Orbán should stay in Moscow!

No, not my words. Orbán’s visit in Russia took a lot of attention already before he went. Unity for Hungary called in the midst of Ukraine crises: Orbán, don’t go to Moscow! But if he goes, he shouldn’t come home again! In the three decades since the change of regime, Hungary’s sovereignty has never been […]


These lines would never have been written if Hungary would be a democratic country, if this happened in Italy or in France. This would not have been a big issue, we have no huge piles of garbage in the streets that are not collected rotting away, our public transport didn’t brake down for weeks, or […]