Orbán’s Christian Narrative – and the Reality of a Priest

  • March 22, 2022
  • István

Warning: In Hungary minors mustn’t read this! 18 + content about Orbán and a priest!

In 2014 Orbán invented the illiberal state, as if democracy could be unfree. An expression used for whitewashing dictatorships before it became for Orbán the key expression for his autocrat rule. An entire election period Hungary’s regime media touted out loud how great it would be to be unfree. Orbán’s former friends within the European Peoples Party EPP were the thriving power that Orbán to some extent dropped the expression illiberal and exchanged it with Christian Democracy, well knowing that several EPP members use this expression. Regarding the content Orbán did not temper, but escalated his hate against everybody not lining up with his ideology and his unchallenged rule. Although I am no expert of Christianity I see clear differences between the unrestrained hate and that believe, as well as the obvious ones between an unfree state and democracy.

We already have seen how Orbán treats his former priest Gábor Iványi, a man who stays loyal to his principles instead of to Orbán. His church was taken away the legal status of a church through a law declared invalid later, but despite all judgements it is legally still just an association. Now Orbán threatens Iványi with imprisonment for tax fraud, while not releasing the funds that are owed by the tax office based on the earlier judgements.

This time it is a catholic priest who the regime is fighting against. Catholics belong to a so-called historic church, the highest possible rank Orbán’s church law knows. We all might remember that the pope is not really considered as friend by Orbán, although he likes pictures when he is shaking hands with the pope for the catholic part of his voters. Last chance Orbán was in Rome he did not see the pope and we still don’t know whether it were the words the pope had about his regime or whether he was not interested in sharing the pope with others in one papal audience. He has chosen another fascist party leader over the pope. Orbán is much happier with the local bishops in Hungary, they are generally pushing his rule and ideology, no matter what their bible or their boss in the Vatican might say. These bishops have a price, which is paid with generous payment from our taxes. A with 40 years still relative young priest decided to bring his believe to those who are more often on internet than in church, András Hodász. Bad for him not Orbán’s believe. The project Papifrankó (translatable as Father Free) got quite some followers, although not overwhelming many, since we mustn’t forget that in Hungary the vast majority is not at all interested in religion. Only a bit more than 40 % say that they believe in something and just a fraction of those participate in any religious community. Hodász much more respected the teaching from Rome than orders from the PM office in the Várszínház. This all resulted in Hodász getting much more attention this way than his colleagues in other parishes.

The “crime” of Hodász was to point to the real problems of the Hungarian society, the very much-attacked video dates from January 17th, 2022. He talked about the “gay propaganda” as well. This was already clear in the very beginning, where he announces that minors legally mustn’t watch this video. Indeed the content of this video is banned for minors in Hungary. He indeed made fun of the devilish gay propaganda arriving from the West just to get serious about the question whether a gay lobby exists or not, whether it is dangerous or not. And that according to his opinion there are so much more important dangers for the youth than this. Young people very often are depressive, already the expectations they are confronted with at school are driving them to their limits, in addition the effects from being isolated in corona times add to them problems that they don’t live, but just function. Loneliness, depression and anxiety. A burned out, depressed generation without a life he talked about. There is no longer a possibility of having a social life, to develop their social competence, since school is demanding all their time. Life is more, he said, than educating once heavily earning managers. Children should be happy about because they exist, Hodász explained with a story from the bible. Parents must exactly this tell their children, they must be clear that they are proud of them. He explained that he doesn’t know about the existence of a gay lobby, not about this being dangerous, or the need of holding a referendum about. But one thing he knows: Forcing children to remain in the gender they are born with doesn’t make any sense if they cut wrist veins, hang up themselves, or even just if they become unhappy adults. He expressed his view that children must be guarded on a way to grow up freely and living well, helping them to discover the life, happiness, a way that leads to form a couple as independent adults. Tell the children you love them was the core of his message ►HU.

The regime turned against those thoughts, in Hungary only one decides what is good for children: Orbán. Hodász in several ways went against the ideology of the state party. Obviously against the anti-gay propaganda, against the ban of sex change, against the school policies of Orbán, wherein more and more things were added and instead of teaching the useful things pushing ideology became important. Creating free and independent adults from children is definitely another sinful call of Hodász. Péter Márki-Zay, however, visited a mess led by him.

Now András Hodász decided no longer to continue Papifrankó. On Magyar Hang he gave yesterday an interview why ►HU. He was attacked by the regime media, in many newspaper articles, on TV, often personally, but never about the core of his message. Zsolt Bayer, FIDESZ co-founder and both most disgusting and most influencing propagandist of the Orbán regime, infamous for his inhuman hate speech, wrote about Hodász that he has a problem to serve god. Bayer talked about the German priests abusing children (of course this doesn’t happen in Hungary….) and since Hodász said it’s okay to be gay, what about “little boys moving into the rectory?” Hodász declared: “it is difficult to withstand the storms …. It is very difficult to arm yourself against the abundance of letters, feedback, expiration, and moral destruction.”

Orbán attacked and won again over the believe he so often declares to protect.

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Istvan (Chicago)
Istvan (Chicago)
March 22, 2022 13:26

András Hodász’s views would not be uncommon among many priests here in the USA. Pope Francis zigs and zags on these issues and allows some right wing Bishops in the USA to try to repress these more progressive priests for even just granting communion to openly gay Catholics. We are a deeply troubled Church to say the least.

March 22, 2022 19:35

Ukrainian refugees that entered Moldova then entered Romania were double-counted.

Situation as of yesterday, March 21

entered Poland           2,113,554

entered Romania but did not enter Moldova        247,639
entered Moldova then entered Romania      295,669
entered Moldova but did not enter Romania         72,244

entered Hungary         317,863
entered Slovakia          253,592

entered Russia       252,376
entered Belarus           4,308

Total:                     3,557,245

Source: UNHCR

March 22, 2022 21:21
Reply to  tappanch

Military situation 24 hours ago.

Around Kiev:
comment image

Around Mariupol:
comment image

March 22, 2022 21:12

On March 18, Orban demanded some 16.3 billion euros
(42.5% in grants, 57.5% in loans)
from the EU’s “recovery & resilience facility”.

The EU had delayed the grant part because of Orban’s anti-democratic measures. Orban had proudly rejected the loan part.

But now he wants all. His main argument is that he has already taken care of “450,000 refugees”.



Michael Detreköy
Michael Detreköy
March 23, 2022 01:54
Reply to  tappanch

By now, very few in the EU aren’t aware that Orbán is full os shit and up to no good, through and through.

Last edited 1 year ago by Michael Detreköy
March 23, 2022 08:20

Agree, but very few in the Europeans really know and understand the enormous size of OV’s shit.
They don’t experience it themselves, nor have the possibilty to do seriously check it, mostly because of the language barrier.

March 23, 2022 10:03
Reply to  Ferenc

Rodrigo Ballester has a comment in Newsweek on why the EU has to give the money to Poland and Orbanistan-almost funny.
He worked for the EU but is at a university in Budapest now. Crazy guy!!!

March 23, 2022 10:43

Hungarian election numbers.

As of March 22, Fidesz already received 25,219 “mail-in” votes.

Actually 6,715 arrived in mail at the Election Bureau and 10,328 were dropped off at Hungarian consulates.

Every day, thousands of voters move (or are moved) from the countryside to Budapest declaring them as permanent residents of Budapest. This way they cannot vote for electoral districts outside Budapest.

I do not understand the situation of the registered Gypsy voters. In some official webpages in valasztas.hu, they will not able to cast votes for a party list. Elsewhere on valasztas.hu, they are de-listed en masse.

March 23, 2022 10:59
Reply to  tappanch

March 23 vs March 01

Number of eligible voters

Budapest 06 electoral district::72387/68637, up 5.46%
Budapest 02 electoral district: 69812/67033, up 4.15%

March 23, 2022 11:46
Reply to  tappanch

Re. Gypsy voters: it may be a conspiracy theory, but could it be an attempt to get Mi Hazánk into parliament (I saw their placards advocating that those who are illiterate should not be allowed to vote, presumably targeting Gypsy voters)?