2015 Reloaded?

Through the last weeks we have seen a remarkable willingness to help refugees from Ukraine by the Hungarian people. And Orbán has published a spot that he personally welcomes refugees from Transcarpathia, at least if they are Hungarians. I am not talking about his complete lack of empathy in this video, but about the fact […]

Giertych: This is Orbán’s Plan

First I want to introduce with a few words Roman Giertych, a Polish politician. Deputy PM and minister of education in the PiS lead coalition governments under the PMs Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz and Jarosław Kaczyński, chairman of LPR, the League of Polish Families, an extremely nationalist and anti-EU party from the far right, who in 2007 […]

Orbán’s Crossroads: three prospects for the future of Hungary

Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán’s March 15th isolationist speech, and his government’s ongoing actions signalling its intention to continue along the path of Putinism, have worried me much more than I expected, in spite of having observed Hungarian politics quite closely for years and harbouring no illusions about the nature of the Fidesz regime. In […]

Fear of a Coward

EPPO, the European prosecution office, has proven yesterday that they are not fearful. Yesterday evening Boyko Borisov was arrested, for 12 years PM of Bulgaria, until people have voted him out last year. He is accused of corruption concerning EU funds. His minister of finance, the chairman of a parliament’s committee and a media adviser […]

Pupils and Teachers

Both pupils and teachers sided yesterday. After the teacher’s strike in January only resulted in an attack to be a leftist campaign action, while in fact a basic-school teacher never in his professional life will be paid as well as an unskilled worker in the warehouses of a retail company from his very 1st day. […]

Travelling through Parallel Universes

Yesterday happened in Budapest 2 demonstrations. Same day, same place, but so extremely different that it is impossible to bring both into the same reality. One was held by a party that calls itself conservative, while the chairmen of the party of European conservatives spoke on the demonstration of those called leftwing by those “conservatives”. […]

Hungarian News temporary down and not working properly

My excuses for the technical problems that are occurring since Monday. As I wrote in a comment I suspected an automatic update of WP that occurred shortly after the last known comment having caused the loss of an entire post. This update was just a co-incidence. In fact the host provider exchanged servers and had […]

The Twelve Points

Freedom of the Press Accountable ministries in Buda and Pest An annual parliamentary session in Pest Civil and religious equality before the law National Guard Joint share of tax burdens The abolition of socage Juries and representation on an equal basis National Bank The army to swear to support the constitution, our soldiers should not […]


We discussed already the fact that the regime has abused the email addresses collected for getting corona vaccinations for spreading lies about the opposition. The highest civil court of Hungary, the Kúria, judged that this was illegal in campaign times. The minister for propaganda Rogán went to the constitutional court and the judges there declared […]

Protect the Children against Paedofidesz

Orbán on several occasions quoted the perhaps most stupid wording he demanded to amend his basic law with “mother is a woman, father is a man” just to end with the words “and leave our children alone.” Exactly this he doesn’t do, he doesn’t leave the children alone, Orbán wants neglecting children in favour of […]