2024.02.01. The last month of the first 12-month Roman calendar (except in a leap year)

Until 45 BCE, from March to February, the length of the months was as follows [current length if different] MARTIVS= 31; APRILIS= 29 [30]; MAIVS= 31; IVNIVS= 29 [30]; QVINTILIS= 31; SEXTILIS= 29 [31]; SEPTEMBER= 29 [30]; OCTOBER= 31; NOVEMBER= 29 [30]; DECEMBER= 29 [31]; IANVARIVS= 29 [31]; FEBRVARIVS= 28 or 23 [28 or 29]; […]

January 2, 2024

Happy New Year to all of us !

December 15

Goodbye – and a warm welcome

Dear friends, after I announced no longer to host Hungarian News our long-time contributor tappanch asked me to transfer this site. Within the next few hours I will change the needed details and send tappanch the details to take over. It was a pleasure to be your host and wish tappanch more luck than I […]

Time to Say Goodbye

After our dear Éva passed away nearly two years ago I started Hungarian News as platform for publishing reports about Hungary written by a broad group of her readers. With very few exceptions I was the only one who wrote posts. After the further radicalisation of the Orbán regime following to the 2022 elections I […]