Rural Panic?

UPDATED. As we might remember Péter Márki-Zay ran in the by-elections for post as mayor in Hódmezővásárhely 2018 as independent candidate sustained by all opposition parties. The city was headed by FIDESZ/KDNP since 1990, from 2002 to 2012 the former FIDESZ top politician János Lázár was mayor, he only resigned when he became minister. Lázár […]

Orbán in Madrid

Again a meeting of Europe’s extreme right parties took place on Friday and Saturday. Again homeless Orbán not only looked for a new European party, since his FIDESZ left the conservative EPP (European Peoples Party) to avoid being thrown out, but tried to be the centre of a new joint extremist party. This time Vox […]

Disregard of Law, Disregard of Judges

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has picked February 16th as the date when the verdict in the case Hungary vs. EU concerning the rule of law mechanism will be announced. We remember that the EU had hardly any means to bring a country back onto the rails when it went off the track of […]

Corona and Populism

The Kiel Institute has made a research about the handling of the pandemic by populist governments, including Hungary. Their press release: COVID-19 pandemic: under populist governments, risk of death is higher 27.01.2022 Populist governments perform worse than non-populist governments in handling the COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences. This applies, for example, to countries such as […]

Meddling in Hungarian Elections from the USA

I reported about the obscure theories that the CIA would meddle into our the elections to oust Orbán, a story foreign minister Szijjártó promoted before he declared that this hadn’t been the case and that he was “misunderstood.” With other words the minister was afraid to repeat a propaganda lie in American TV, however the […]

Orbán’s Hungary and NATO Membership

Hungary joined NATO on March 12th, 1999. Although this happened during the 1st Orbán government, the invitation from NATO side dates from July 1997, the referendum about joining was held on November 16th, 1997, which gave the Horn government a go from the voters. It was no coincidence that already before, on May 27th 1997, […]

Propagandamachine Causing Problems

The last days and weeks the propaganda machine has either lost direction, or is so much overdoing that the results are ridiculous. On January 11th, 2022 lakmusz was launched, Hungary’s 1st fact checking website. This is professionally and practically sustained by Agence France Press (AFP,) 444, and the Media Universalis Alapítvány, a foundation of Hungarian […]

Prosecuting Corrupt Politicians with Péter Polt in Office

On January 20th Péter Márki-Zay gave a long interview with Magyar Hang ►HU, I already quoted from. There he clearly told that he wants an anti-corruption authority with Ákos Hadházy at the top. Hadházy, a veterinarian, was member of the city council of Szekszárd for FIDESZ, when in 2013 Orbán forbade sale of tobacco products […]

Orbán: In April I’ll Give You Notes to Play

With this even for him strange comment Orbán opened the Magyar Zene Háza, the Hungarian House of Music. We remember that Orbán wants to change the largest park of Pest into a cultural quarter, Éva trough the years repeatedly covered this as well. Városliget is roughly 1 400 by 750 m small, about 1/3 of […]


A referendum may be held if parliament votes in favour. Several ways are allowed to get to such a decision. Parliament has no choice and but to approve if signatures of at least 200 000 citizens are collected and verified. Within a few days in July 2021 first PM Orbán declared that we will have […]