Petike, You invent Campaign Lies!

Today I need to start with my closing words of yesterday. Again I need to talk about foreign minister Szijjártó, who declared that the Russian take-over of computers including secret communication lines would be a campaign lie. After denial of the documented Russian attack he turned against both Ukraine and Unity for Hungary. He invented […]

Spying among friends – that just cannot be done!

This was the reaction of German chancellor Merkel 9 years ago, when it became known to her that American NSA tapped her phone. Yesterday a new Direkt36 report was published. Direkt36 is known for well-researched articles, the journalist in charge, Szabolcs Panyi, not afraid of difficult or hard to research topics. This made him dangerous […]

Media Trouble

Today I start with the end, the end of yesterday’s RTL Klub evening news. This is one of the 2 large TV stations in Hungary, their news attract regularly the largest audience. Since some time they let their well-known faces appear on the screen to encourage people to vote. You may think your part, but […]

Start of the Last Week

The week of the Hungarian general election begun – without surprises. Unity for Hungary held a rally in Siófok, they showed unity indeed and had the same messages I repeatedly wrote about and have shown optimism. Gergely Karácsony clearly pointed out that already in 2018 a government change would have happened if the opposition wouldn’t […]

Victorious Orbán

No, I am not talking about the elections we will have today in a week, but about the messages he brought home from Brussels this week. From the same 2 days the European Parliament called him guilty in feeding his oligarchs instead of developing our country, when Dobrev called him an illiberal mini Putin in […]

An unexpected Move

Hungarian Roma have not really a say in politics. Orbán has his own Gypsy party called Lungo Drom (long way,) its chairman Flórián Farkas is FIDESZ member as well and since 2002 for the latter in parliament. Farkas is infamous for his corruption, he has set up a program to get Roma in work and […]

A Day in and about Brussels

The day of yesterday a lot of remarkable things for Hungary were related to Brussels. A NATO summit, the EU council seating, some clear words in the European Parliament, a decision there and of course money from Brussels. We should be used to the fact that Orbán always has 2 messages. One he uses at […]

Orbán’s “Think” Tank fighting OSCE

Our dear Éva has written something nice about the Alapjogokért Központ, the Centre of Fundamental Rights ►EN. A funny name regarding the fact that the regime hates the rights of the individual. Rights belong to the state and the state to the party. This FIDESZ sponsored institute has now being used as tool against the […]

Broken State Finances

Already last December Orbán tried to bury our state budget secretly ►HU. As usual late in the evening, just before Christmas he cut down the 2022 budget for about 1 % of the GDP. Only a few pet projects of the regime were affected, as the stadium in Pécs was stopped and purchase of Budapest […]

Orbán’s Christian Narrative – and the Reality of a Priest

Warning: In Hungary minors mustn’t read this! 18 + content about Orbán and a priest! In 2014 Orbán invented the illiberal state, as if democracy could be unfree. An expression used for whitewashing dictatorships before it became for Orbán the key expression for his autocrat rule. An entire election period Hungary’s regime media touted out […]