A Time-Delayed Debate

Yesterday I covered mostly an interview with Péter Márki-Zay on the underground channel of Partizán covering Putin’s war. A few hours later Viktor Orbán gave an interview on state TV pretty much on the same topic. If you watched both you have the unique chance to have at least a kind of debate between both […]

Together with NATO, We Defend the Borders of Hungary and Europe

UPDATED – This is the statement of Orbán according to his official website ►HU. For a head of government of a NATO member this statement should be a very normal thing to be loyal with the other states that agreed on common defence. But in case of Viktor Orbán this sentence is a sensation! All […]

“I Find it Strange to Attack the Russians”

Last UPDATED 16:18 – No, no Russian official said so, but a high ranked FIDESZ member. He said in full: “I find it already strange that someone is not expressing his solidarity with the Ukrainians in this situation, but attacking the Russians instead. …. I would think we should be standing in favour of the […]

Only the Warmongers Demonstrate for Peace

Putin’s war (to quote Olaf Scholz) has divided Hungary even deeper. At least regarding propaganda and facts. The Orbán regime has hard times to condemn the Russian aggression. Szijjártó knew to talk about Putin’s war without even mentioning Russia or Putin, Orbán condemned Putin’s war only on behalf of our allies, but neither on personal […]

No Word about Russia or Putin

Last UPDATED 18:06– All of you know for sure that Putin gave order to Russian military to attack Ukraine from all sides, including from Belarus and Crimea, no longer limited to unmarked military convoys in the separatist areas. Of course all Hungarian media are full of, including the regime media. From the regime first a […]

Orbán’s Silence

I already yesterday mentioned Orbán’s short facebook statement about talking with the president of the European commission concerning Russia’s invasion in Ukraine. In yesterday’s morning hours Péter Márki-Zay called Orbán ►HU to react clearly onto the Russian aggression, to name Putin being the aggressor he is, and to stand out for the territorial integrity of […]

The Owner of Hungary Raiding the Enemy of the State

Putin’s invasion into the separatist areas of Ukraine will undoubtedly be discussed today. From the Hungarian point of view I can’t report a lot. Orbán, up to now declared that his visit to Putin earlier this month was a peace mission, now he reacted with “I talked to the President of the European Council over […]

Incompetence or Robbery?

There is no doubt, the fuel prices went up a lot the last year. Crude oil did not go to historic heights yet, in 2008 the price went up to a more than 50 % higher level compared to today, followed by a hard drop though the banking crises. A bit more than a year […]

Some Personal Impressions

Today I want to do something very different. No review of things I collected from different news outlets, or social media, or other public sources, today I would like to write about a personal experience. Yesterday afternoon Péter Márki-Zay held a gathering in Szekszárd, not too far away from the place I live and although […]

Szijjártó’s Black List

Everybody expecting that our foreign minister could be a decent man, able to act according to diplomatic customs, has been proven being wrong since long. Just now he proved again how much he is going forward into the wrong direction. He will blacklist ambassadors if their behaviour could make fraud attempts during the elections more […]