Community rules


This site is dedicated to publish news, reports, and analysis from and about Hungary. This is no place to publish the views of the ruling party, no place to repeat their bias, however we will talk about the ruling elite. Everyone who thinks having a good story for should feel free to contact for publishing. Publishing is free.


Are principally free and encouraged. Opinions are solely the opinion of the contributor, only the contributor is responsible for his statements. is a place where people with an opinion may discuss, no kindergarten. Who is scared by another opinion should think twice, whether this is for her or him the place to be. Off topic comments to a blog entry will be tolerated only if there is a connection to older blog entries or within the broader idea where is created for. But this does not mean that every comment is welcome.

  • Never allowed are political slogans, only exceptions are where they are placed into the context of an analysis or they are mentioned in the context of reporting. Who has an opinion should be able to use her or his own words to tell why.
  • Never allowed is hate speech regardless of the form, totally respects the declaration of human rights and offers no place for those who don‘t.
  • Never allowed is illegal content of course, no matter whether it is a violation of copyrights, calling for illegal actions, or illegal in other ways.
  • Never allowed is content that could be considered as harmful, especially advises concerning health care that are not backed through scientific studies and are regarded to be generally valid.
  • Never allowed is obscenity, pornography both in wording or pictures, and vulgar content.
  • Never allowed is defamatory of a person dead or alive, both publishing content or comments on or not.
  • Never allowed is promoting sales of products or services, is and remains ad-free.
  • Never allowed is spam.
  • Never allowed is trolling. keeps the exclusive right to select what will be published on these pages, be it as blog entry or as comment. has the right to remove content completely or in parts according its sole discretion and to ban users from future comments, especially but not limited to the forbidden content.

Policy is that comments don‘t require registration. Every user has to wait for approval of her or his first comment. Further comments may automatically published without moderation, but this privilege may be limited at any time without notice for individual or all users.

Leading language is English, use of Hungarian is allowed. Sources may be in every language. Quotes in every language are welcome, but asks to translate them into English as well.

These rules are subject to further development.