The Future of Orbán’s Fascist Zoo

Yesterday Freedom House has published a new report about the “nations in transit” as they call the formerly communist countries in the Eastern half of Europe. Nothing to be proud about, especially not from the Hungarian point of view. While states as Moldova are slowly creeping upwards from the lowest rankings of authoritarian rule, Hungary, […]

The 1 000 000 Dollar Question

Yesterday, Easter Sunday far away in the most christian Hungarian lands, I received 2 emails from “worldwide,” which is nothing else but a screen name for a gmail address unknown to me. No name of the sender, no signature, only a crude text and an attached, a letter in (for me well readable) English of […]

Creating a facade

We might remember that the OSCE decided to employ a full observer mission as usually only happens in undemocratic states. So Orbán employed another trick he learned from Putin. There has been no example in the history that a government of an EU member states invited friendly observers to an election. Such practices we know […]

The final results of the cheating

The last votes are counted. The seats are distributed as following: FIDESZ 135, Unity for Hungary 57, Mi Hazánk 6, German minority 1. Regarding the announcements of last Monday morning FIDESZ won 1 from the list, Mi Hazánk lost 1, the electoral district Budapest 13 changed from FIDESZ to Unity for Hungary. The details are […]

FIDESZ energy policy – chaos or strategy?

The Hungarian ruler has announced the day before yesterday that it is more important to import Russian gas than cheap gas, I reported about ►EN. FIDESZ members of the European Parliament (EP) have yesterday voted for ending the import of gas, oil, and coal from Russia and immediately to end the co-operation with nuclear power […]

Hungary is the best place of the world

And the freest place of course. So Orbán can’t understand that people want to leave this country. The youth should build a nationalist culture instead, whether they want or not obviously doesn’t matter. Orbán didn’t leave the country when he was in the opposition. As if being in opposition in a democratic country would be […]

The unavoidable happened

Exactly 2 days after the elections the president of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen announced in the European parliament that she started the rule of law procedure against Hungary ►HU. This means that during the summer of 2022 funding for helping Hungary catching up with the rest of Europe will find an end. […]

All the Same – All Different

With the devastating election Hungary is facing another 4 years of the same regime. We will see the same corruption going on, the theory of corrupt politicians “would be full at some point” is ridiculous. We just need to have a look at Hatvanpuszta. The Habsburgs weren’t exactly known for a decent lifestyle. The governor […]

Hitler would have won with 2/3 in 1945, Hungarian voters decided not to send solders to war today!

The 1st part of the headline was the reaction of Péter Márki-Zay yesterday evening. Both the words of a bad loser and very true. I don’t think that we need to discuss the question of good and bad loser, since this is a question of fairness and the system Orbán created is everything, but not […]


Updated April 11th, 2022 – During the evening the results will come in. Beginning with the districts. The results of these elections depend on the party lists and the district candidates. Parliament has 199 seats, the majority are 100 seats, supermajority 133 seats. The percentages have little influence who will be the winner, since in […]