Propagandamachine Causing Problems

  • January 25, 2022
  • István

The last days and weeks the propaganda machine has either lost direction, or is so much overdoing that the results are ridiculous.

On January 11th, 2022 lakmusz was launched, Hungary’s 1st fact checking website. This is professionally and practically sustained by Agence France Press (AFP,) 444, and the Media Universalis Alapítvány, a foundation of Hungarian ELTE university. It is funded by the EU ►EN. Who should be afraid about facts being published? Yes, liars! Debunked were the FIDESZ lies about gender change. The regime told the Hungarians that in Spain youth from 14 years onward may change gender without consent of their parents – in a country with a legal minimum age of 18, parents can’t give permission. In the UK every day 4 children would have such an operation FIDESZ told, in Scotland even at the age of 4. True is only that children are able to go to diagnostics early, but the availability of health care in possible cases doesn’t take away that minors can’t change gender at all. Yes, liars should be afraid of lakmusz ►HU. This did not hinder 888 to write a disturbing article titled “Fact checkers” are only bothered by the facts. With a long list whitewashing Trump from negative facts and blaming Biden being corrupt with “proofs” that since long has been proven to be falsified documents they try to convince that fact checkers in the USA are all Soros agents (what else….) Mandiner titled The fact checker of the 444 publishers starts with the cream of Hungarian left-wing journalism to come to come in another article to this conclusion: “However, we add that the Hungarian media market today is balanced and diverse.” Well, this again is a statement qualifying for fact checkers and that the state party press seems to be very afraid of facts is very obvious seen the frequency of articles they are making lakmusz just more likely being read.

But also ministers are not afraid to tell pretty scaring messages, just to tell at another moment that they didn’t. Our foreign minister told Financial Times that the USA would manipulate the elections ►EN. This he did not wanted to hear during an interview on CNN ►EN (5:27.) Chargé d’Affaires in Budapest Marc Dillard confirmed that the USA just wants to see strong democratic elections in Hungary which what results the voter would determine, on RTL ►HU. László Szőcs, writing dutifully on Magyar Nemzet, a few days ago again told the risk of CIA would determine the results of the elections. Since the state party is present everywhere in the polling stations, heading most electoral offices and commissions, including the national ones, it is hard to believe. It is the opposition who really needs to be represented. Szabad Európa made an impressing video ►HU about the problems of counting, even if you don’t understand Hungarian the map showing where only the state party has been represented in the polling stations is shocking, the details mentioned even more.

And we had a propaganda statement Tamás Deutsch, FIDESZ member of the 1st hour and since Joszef Szájer resigned head of the FIDESZ delegation in the EP. 62 MEPs from most EP groups have signed a letter asking the OSCE to employ a full-scale observation regarding the upcoming elections in Hungary. Deutsch is scared that the EP is meddling in the elections. He told on state radio: “well known left-wing efforts to work up hysteria over the Hungarian elections [….] supporting the weak Hungarian left-wing,” and “life must be terrible for those Western European politicians who are forced to go against their own convictions and repeat the mantras based on lies about Hungary fearing attacks by NGOs controlled by Soros organisations.” What is true now? Will Hungary have democratic elections, in this case a call for observation should be no problem at all. If he is afraid of an observation: Why?

The perhaps most funny result of FIDESZ hate propaganda comes from the council member of Budapest XV district Kornél Géza Szalay. The state party member attended the reopening of the district’s Csokonai Cultural House, where for a closed group on the occasion of the day of Hungarian Culture a new program was presented. Szalay passed a devastating verdict as “landing of LGBTQ in the district’s culture.” He had so much liked the advertising, but stated ►HU: ”I don’t think it will make a good, valuable, or even lasting work, if the director gives a man all or part of woman’s clothes” But what caused all that? He referred to a song about the change of cooking habits in corona times, these so dreadfully detested figures were pepper and salt mills! A bearded man as salt with in a white costume doesn’t necessarily the personification of a male bride! As a good sheep, blindly loyal to the Orbán regime, the council member has soaked-up the ugly party propaganda so much that he no longer understands that there are completely non-political issues as well ►HU.

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Istvan (Chicago)
Istvan (Chicago)
January 25, 2022 16:55

Apparently the Fidesz propaganda machine is capable of going politically correct when it needs to. As this story about Marki-Zay indicates. It is interesting because the use of the Hungarian translated word for the English word “disabled” as an epithet. The Hungarian word used fogyatékkos is derived from the root word fogy which means diminishment. The word disability in English has become the preferred non-pejorative term used by the activist community in the USA, the UK, and other English speaking nations. It is actually a combination of two Latin words used to create a common law term meaning “incapacity in the eyes of the law” going back to at least the 1640s according to the etymology of the English word. It is less than clear exactly why it became a preferred term for activists. 

My translation of what the statement by Péter Márki-Zay said is basically this “I’m sorry, but if poor Fidesz propagandists are so disabled – and the disabled isn’t a lucky word because we love the disabled, but I hate the Fidesz liar propagandists – so obviously they probably don’t have the intellectual ability, I’m not saying it’s perfect , but by no means a problem with their mental faculties. The infinite vile evil that characterizes this company of thieves…” The most complete explanation of this blow up can be read here and it contains a video of Márki-Zay making this comment and the context of his use. 

Really for Fidesz to go politically correct on Péter Márki-Zay about his use of fogyatékkos in an obviously derogatory manner is really incompressible to me and similar to former President Trump trying to go politically correct on the Democrats after he mocked reporter with a disability during a campaign rally. Of course many Hungarian disability rights organizations objected to the way Péter Márki-Zay used the word fogyatékkos which is more than legitimate for them to do. But since when is Fidesz in any way a friend of Hungarian people with disabilities? 

January 25, 2022 21:23

The sad thing is, that one cannot avoid the propaganda. It is everywhere. Avoiding the truth is easy, don´t search for it.
Thanks for the article.

Misi bacsi
Misi bacsi
January 26, 2022 04:04

Thanks for the post today (and comments). Clearly, the regime fears the potential of Hungarian voters to defeat the regime in April elections. The bizarre and clearly Orwellian campaign against LGBT individuals continues with the publication of one lie after another (Good job Istvan, your son can be proud of you). Good to know that Hungary has a fact checking site supported by Agence France and a foundation tied to ELTE University. This service will be used through out the day, every day for the foreseeable future.

January 26, 2022 09:25

The M1 reporter Császár Attila got more than he bargained for when he asked Karácsony about the possible sale of City Hall. Márki-Zay replied and I don’t think they’ll be giving his full answer on State TV!

Edit note: Removed personal information from link