Hungary is the best place of the world

  • April 7, 2022
  • István

And the freest place of course. So Orbán can’t understand that people want to leave this country. The youth should build a nationalist culture instead, whether they want or not obviously doesn’t matter. Orbán didn’t leave the country when he was in the opposition. As if being in opposition in a democratic country would be the same as being forced to work for the enrichment of an elite in a mafia state. Orbán yesterday afternoon held a press conference in his office in the Várszínház to ventilate his happiness about the elections ►HU. As it is normal in the free world the journalists were informed before the beginning what questions would not be allowed and for the best of information Magyar Hang, Hungary’s largest independent medium with a conservative world view, was not admitted to the press conference ►HU. For those who aren’t submissive to Orbán Hungary has proven again to be not such a great place.

About the Russians spying in Szijjártó’s ministry Orbán is not angry, this happens everywhere. He wants the minister to stay. The same about the Russian spy bank IIB, which is not a Russian bank according to the PM, because not only Russians members are represented. Yes, countries as Cuba and Vietnam are still in the spy bank, but all EU members except Hungary within a few days left after Putin invaded Ukraine ►HU. Economically it is downgraded to junk level. But Orbán is not afraid of spying, because Hungary has a great national security council. Am I the only one, who sees a contradiction between the statements about the spying in the ministry and the bank?

Orbán does not see any reason to expel Russian diplomats. Not by spying and not as reaction on the Russian massacre on the civil population in Ukraine, both happened in other EU members. The pictures of dead civilians still need to be legally examined. As the electoral fraud the “left” committed! Please note: This context is not created by me!

Generally Orbán remained pro-Russian, but used expressions the Russians dislike as aggression and war. His call for a cease of fire wasn’t rewarded. He invited the presidents of Russia, Ukraine, France and the German chancellor to Budapest for negotiations, but Putin imposed conditions and Orbán told Zelinsky how to behave.

A pretty crude statement was about natural gas. While in the campaign he always told that cheap gas is needed in Hungary he told now that it is not about cheap gas he desires, but that it is Russian gas. Price cuts, no matter whether for petrol, chicken carcasses, mortgage rates, or household overhead costs, would remain as long as possible. Especially the overhead costs, he introduced before the 2014 elections, were designed for as long as he remains in power, Orbán said during the campaign. He also will pay in Ruble if Putin tells him to do so. Even cruder is the statement that he wants to archive with a Russian nuclear power plant less dependence on Russian energy. I am afraid this is not just lack of logical thinking, but an invitation to Putin to use Hungary to undermine EU sanctions. The world order would change, Orbán stated. Just he left out what he expects exactly or on what side he wants to stay. So I have to add that this is the wrong, Putin’s side. In this context it is remarkable as well that the Russian ambassador in Budapest declared his full confidence in Hungary ►HU and Szijjártó decided to call-in the Ukrainian ambassador for the bad behaviour against Hungary ►HU. All on the same day.

Orbán declared “I would like to confirm that the vision of the party and government that won the election regarding Europe is unchanged.” In February he told that he wants Hungary to stay in the EU, but only under the condition that he is allowed to do everything he wants. That this is in sharp contrast to the just started rule of law mechanism should be obvious, Orbán told that the EU “distorts competition.” He can’t imagine how Hungary could stay out of money on a world-wide market. As the EU would have the obligation to finance the members, while this is definitely an exclusive right of the members to decide how they want to finance themselves. And that – depending on the energy prices caused by the EU (????) – multinationals might be taxed. This reminds me to the economic crises Orbán caused with his “unorthodox economy” he applied in his 2nd term, when taxes imposed on companies caused a massive increase of prices and scared several large employers away.

Although Orbán declared Hungary being a great place for those who accept his absolute rule his answers made clear that he expects hard times for those who remain in this country. Higher energy prices, taxing multinationals so much that they need to raise prices or leave the country (concerning retail the pet project of János Lázár, who “might return to governnment.”) There is a saying that freedom has a price. But Orbán made clear unfreedom has a price as well.

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April 7, 2022 12:21

Thanks for this post, as a new contributor I have valued this blog since it replaced HS and István is doing a superb job…
OV recognises the importance of young people in his revanchist Christian-nationalist project… he’s astute in this respect. Unless the entire ‘opposition’, in whatever form it takes in future, also acknowledges this and works out how young people might be more involved in a critical approach to politics (and Momentum might be an example here) there will be little future other than OV’s Christian-nationalist position… incidentally, how OV’s communist petticoats are showing!

April 7, 2022 13:56

OT: The addiction to love

(and little Viktor is waiting in the backgraund to get his cuddles)

The addiction to love.jpg
April 7, 2022 14:00

Such contradictions in Orbán’s speech remind me of Trump. They like to speak but what they say doesn’t make any sense.

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April 7, 2022 15:15

US history Prof Stephen Kotkin who has written several books about Stalin has articles on Putin and his fight against democracy.
Very good!

Istvan (Chicago)
Istvan (Chicago)
April 7, 2022 16:24

I think todays lead post was well done. As I have feared, there is some
mounting evidence the war in Ukraine is evolving into the execution scenarios I saw being played out in Vietnam during the war I was part of. This story about the likely execution of Russian soldiers is all over the media Only a few days ago many civilians bodies were discovered in the town of Bucha shot in their heads with bound hands and bags over their heads believed to have been killed by Russian forces.

Another story out today is about Russians using using mobile crematoriums to burn bodies they do not want discovered. On and on it will go. Yet somehow most Hungarians seem to believe the war will not involve Hungary. I also fear that ultra Ukrainian nationalists will seek revenge on the Ukrajnai magyarok for Orban’s ever increasing indirect support for Putin as discussed in today’s post by Istvan.

The US Washington Post ran yesterday an article titled “Right-wing Azov Battalion emerges as a controversial defender of Ukraine.” It gives a more balanced perspective on Ukrainian fascist movements. It is pretty clear that these ultra nationalists are a very small part of the national resistance to the Russian invasion, but they are now heavily armed and operate with some autonomy in the midst of the fog of war. There are even some former US Army veterans from our middle eastern wars fighting with the Azov Battalion. Like veterans from the Vietnam war a percentage of them often with PTSD evolve tragically into murdering monsters themselves. The US Army teaches very young men how to follow orders and to kill, we have no detoxification program for that indoctrination.

It is hard to believe that part of the Hungarian population in Ukraine will not be seen as pro-Putin by the fascists. Moreover we know that leading up to the current Russian invasion that Ukrainian Hungarian dual nationals in some cases evaded the military draft by crossing into Hungary, now the border guards prevent most males from crossing into EU nations. So if some of the Ukrajnai magyarok are discovered in a ditch shot in the head what does the man of peace Orban do?

Istvan (Chicago)
Istvan (Chicago)
April 7, 2022 16:37

This article by Zsuzsanna Szelényi merits reading and its projection for the near term future of Hungary is disturbing but very possible

April 7, 2022 17:13

Great merit of this piece is its brevity and clarity. Forecasting is a difficult art.

Thomas (Canada)
Thomas (Canada)
April 23, 2022 04:09

It is truly depressing to read. I am worried for Hungary’s future. There are lots of caring people out there but the Fidez government has them fooled.

Istvan (Chicago)
Istvan (Chicago)
April 7, 2022 17:03

According to contributors on a non-public blog for retired military officers news emerged that a secret test was conducted last month of Lockheed Martin’s Hypersonic Air-breathing Weapon Concept missile by the U.S. Air Force and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.  It appears the test was successful and it is very likely in the near future there will be NATO Hypersonic missiles capable of having nuclear warheads facing off against Russia.

So we go ever deeper into a spiraling nuclear arms race against Russia. A race from which there is no escape for Hungary either.