July 1st, 2022

June 1st, 2022

Hungary is lost

Not surprisingly mainly the young and well educated are leaving the country in masses since Orbán “won” the elections in April. In this very case I completely agree with Ferenc Gyurcsány, who in parliament said that there is no legitimate government in Hungary and that the elections weren’t even close to be democratic. After a […]

The Future of Orbán’s Fascist Zoo

Yesterday Freedom House has published a new report about the “nations in transit” as they call the formerly communist countries in the Eastern half of Europe. Nothing to be proud about, especially not from the Hungarian point of view. While states as Moldova are slowly creeping upwards from the lowest rankings of authoritarian rule, Hungary, […]

The 1 000 000 Dollar Question

Yesterday, Easter Sunday far away in the most christian Hungarian lands, I received 2 emails from “worldwide,” which is nothing else but a screen name for a gmail address unknown to me. No name of the sender, no signature, only a crude text and an attached, a letter in (for me well readable) English of […]