Picking-up Speed

Before I come to the topic of today 2 facts that show the state of the rule-of-law in Hungary during the year 12 of uninterrupted rule-of-Orbán. Both are connected to our old friend, the devil’s advocate. We remember his first appearance, when he described not only the sex and cocaine parties the former mayor of […]

A Fantastic Novel in FIDESZ Style

Or why do the court media love riding on a dead horse so much? The regime media are permanently reporting about the non-existent “case” of the sale of the Budapest city hall. A monumental building that perhaps does not really well fit the needs of a 21st century’s administration, but is definitely a sight of […]

(I Get By) With a Little Help from My Friends

An opinion piece by “Pantanifan” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mh40p3x1eIs [“I’m a democratically-elected Prime Minister”] Orbán Viktor has been Hungary’s Prime Minister since 2010 (and between 1998 and 2002), setting up the ‘System of National Cooperation’ (NER), and talking about an “illiberal democracy”. Although he likes to micromanage and control every policy detail, even the most brutal dictators can’t […]

More programs

The opposition went on with publishing their plans. These details are way too important not to report about, while their complete view will be needed to analyse the plans. At least the presentation in slices gives the opportunity to get into some of the news regularly, while most of the regime press is telling invented […]

No good resolutions for the New Year yet?

What about writing a thoughtful post for hungarian.news once a while? Something about Hungary, perhaps personal experiences, perhaps an analysis of ongoing developments, perhaps background of actual news? Or perhaps something that I didn’t mention?

December 31, 2021

A Few Thoughts at the End of the Year

Allow me a few thoughts at the end of the year. It was a terrible year in many aspects, we all were shaken by the sudden death of our dear Éva, and we really miss her voice for a free Hungary. We have also seen in how many aspects the Hungarian regime more and more […]


This week the opposition started to publish their program. Perhaps for getting more attention for one field of politics a presentation every day. They started with social politics on Monday evening. The expression social politics is something the Orbán regime never would use, they prefer family politics. But is it really in favour of families? […]


At the end of the year the inflation is at 7.4 % and the Euro at 371.20 Forint, our currency is exchanged at worst rates ever. But this doesn’t even touch the reality at the groceries, the Privátbankár’s statistical food basket showed an inflation of 13.8 % ►HU in the December purchase, the 2nd highest […]

Procurement in Times of Corona – Part 2

The other remarkable procurement of the Orbán regime is about vaccines. The EU members agreed to purchase vaccines commonly, to avoid being in concurrence to each other, not to enable the richer and larger countries to be in advantage against the poorer or smaller countries. Common procurement and distribution according to the size of population […]

Procurement in Times of Corona – Part 1

Before I start with the topic, I want to return for a moment to the topic I covered in Gambled Away. Up to now there was always a reason to build a new stadium, no matter whether there protests of citizens or there was no money for the important things a state has to pay […]