40 016

Today is a sorrow day, today have passed the number of 40 000 covid deaths in Hungary. A short search on internet today at 9:28 has shown that only 444, Euronews, 24.hu, Klubrádió, Privátbankár, telex, Magyar Hang, and ezalenyeg.hu told their readers about this fact, the regime media are at least now still silent about […]

Hungary versus UNESCO?

Updated post The Fertő is a steppe lake Hungary shares with Austria, where the larger part is situated and its name is Neusiedler See. It has a surface of 285 square kilometres, an average depth of 1 meter and the deepest point reaches 1.8 meter only, and it has no natural drainage. In Europe we […]

And Now Poland

The chairman of Polish PiS Jarosław Kaczyński has admitted that Poland is in possession of the espionage software Pegasus and thus contradicted many earlier representations his government telling this would be “fake news”. This product of NSO offers technical advantages over others and enables the monitoring of encrypted text messages, said Kaczyński of the weekly […]

Orbán’s Minority Policy: From one Ghetto into Another

Segregation was “eradicated” in Nyíregyháza by moving Roma from one ghetto into another with EU funding. The European Commission withdrew more than 1.7 billion Forint of EU funds, because the social urban rehabilitation project of the Nyíregyháza in Northern Hungary would have eliminated segregation by moving people from one segregated settlement, mainly inhabited by Roma, […]

Allies Breaking Away

Let’s have a look onto Hungary’s position in the European Union today. Since Orbán has spoiled his relationship with the European Peoples Party (EPP) things are degrading rapidly. The times the entire EPP protected Orbán from the Tavares report ►EN are definitely gone. Even when he was accused for his deeds in the Sargentini report […]

Picking-up Speed

Before I come to the topic of today 2 facts that show the state of the rule-of-law in Hungary during the year 12 of uninterrupted rule-of-Orbán. Both are connected to our old friend, the devil’s advocate. We remember his first appearance, when he described not only the sex and cocaine parties the former mayor of […]

A Fantastic Novel in FIDESZ Style

Or why do the court media love riding on a dead horse so much? The regime media are permanently reporting about the non-existent “case” of the sale of the Budapest city hall. A monumental building that perhaps does not really well fit the needs of a 21st century’s administration, but is definitely a sight of […]

(I Get By) With a Little Help from My Friends

An opinion piece by “Pantanifan” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mh40p3x1eIs [“I’m a democratically-elected Prime Minister”] Orbán Viktor has been Hungary’s Prime Minister since 2010 (and between 1998 and 2002), setting up the ‘System of National Cooperation’ (NER), and talking about an “illiberal democracy”. Although he likes to micromanage and control every policy detail, even the most brutal dictators can’t […]

More programs

The opposition went on with publishing their plans. These details are way too important not to report about, while their complete view will be needed to analyse the plans. At least the presentation in slices gives the opportunity to get into some of the news regularly, while most of the regime press is telling invented […]

No good resolutions for the New Year yet?

What about writing a thoughtful post for hungarian.news once a while? Something about Hungary, perhaps personal experiences, perhaps an analysis of ongoing developments, perhaps background of actual news? Or perhaps something that I didn’t mention?