At the end of the year the inflation is at 7.4 % and the Euro at 371.20 Forint, our currency is exchanged at worst rates ever. But this doesn’t even touch the reality at the groceries, the Privátbankár’s statistical food basket showed an inflation of 13.8 % ►HU in the December purchase, the 2nd highest […]

Procurement in Times of Corona – Part 2

The other remarkable procurement of the Orbán regime is about vaccines. The EU members agreed to purchase vaccines commonly, to avoid being in concurrence to each other, not to enable the richer and larger countries to be in advantage against the poorer or smaller countries. Common procurement and distribution according to the size of population […]

Procurement in Times of Corona – Part 1

Before I start with the topic, I want to return for a moment to the topic I covered in Gambled Away. Up to now there was always a reason to build a new stadium, no matter whether there protests of citizens or there was no money for the important things a state has to pay […]

Happy Holydays December 24, 2021

Gambled Away

Tonight a bomb exploded, the regime has declared that the budgetary planning for 2022 is already now worthless. What happened? The EU has just a year ago set-up a plan called Next Generation EU. With the Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF) as key instrument, offering a total of 723.8 billion € to finance this, whereof […]

Show in the Castle Theatre

The office of the PM moved ►EN to the Budapest castle district into a building that was functioned for ages as the Várszínház, the Castle Theatre. For a very few years, before the secularisation under king and Emperor Joseph II, the building served as Carmelite monastery. Orbán tries to revive the name of the building […]

Law of the Ruler

The world became better place yesterday, the genius of the Carpathian Basin has enlightened the world with his newest oeuvre, szamidat 15 ►EN. Orbán wrote: “A homeland only exists where rights also exist.” Or as Bloomberg ►EN interpreted: “Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban indicated his government may defy a ruling of the European Court of […]

Orbán and the King of Porn

The headline may sound sensational, but these are the persons one of the most important political questions of these days turns about: Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and porn mogul György Gattyán. Orbán created soon after he won the elections in 2010 among so many other things a new electoral system, which works extremely well for […]

Hungary’s vaccine self-sufficiency

An alternative title could be “we never need the EU, except in cases we need the EU.” It is already more than a year ago that all member states decided to delegate the purchase of Sars-Cov-2 vaccines to the EU for not competing against each other. According to Orbán the greatest product on earth was […]

Cui bono or the fall of Pál Völner

Since a couple of days Hungary’s ruling FIDESZ has another scandal. Because it is not that new but did not get too much attention out of Hungary I will give just a short summary before turning to the question in the title. Hungary has changed its system of court bailiffs a couple of years ago. […]